Dawn Hedlund Law FirmWith hundreds of felony and misdemeanor trials under her belt, Ms. Hedlund is an adept trial attorney, particularly with respect to her ability to effectively communicate with juries. Ms. Hedlund has successfully defended numerous misdemeanor and felony cases alike including  DWI, Possession of Marijuana, Assault Family Violence, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Manufacturing and Delivery, Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Indecency with a Child, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and every level of Theft.

Although Ms. Hedlund thrives and excels in trial, she understands that a case can be won for the client outside the courtroom as well. As a former prosecutor, she has negotiated countless misdemeanor and felony cases and knows what evidence is strong for the State and what is not. She believes in employing tough but reasonable plea bargain techniques while demonstrating courtesy and professionalism in all of her dealings. Ms. Hedlund does not believe you should ever plead guilty to an offense that you did not commit and will only advise pleading in all other situations when all investigation and tactical plea bargaining options have been exhausted.

As a prosecutor, Ms. Hedlund developed a strong working relationship with many district and county court judges and prosecutors as well as police officers from the surrounding agencies. She has worked closely with caseworkers from CASA, proving helpful in CPS matters. Having an attorney that has earned the confidence and respect of these individuals is important to you, the client!

Ms. Hedlund regularly attends Continuing Legal Education courses to keep abreast of the ever-changing laws in our State. She is an active member of many political and legal organizations that have a hand in how those laws affect you as a citizen. Call or email her today and let one of the best prosecutors in town handle your defense!

National Accolades

National Order of the Barristers, March 2002

The Order of Barristers is a recognized national honorary organization whose purpose is to encourage the development of written and oral advocacy skills through effective law school programs by formal recognition of the best advocates that those programs produce. Basically, there are only two nationally recognized awards that can be bestowed upon a law school graduate, Law Review and The National Order of the Barristers. Even before her courtroom days as a licensed attorney, Ms. Hedlund impressed both the Dean and Professors of her law school with her effective trial skills who in turn nominated and elected her to the National Order of the Barristers. Only one who has exhibited excellence and attained high honor through the art of courtroom advocacy can been selected as a National Member of the Order of Barristers.

Professional Organizations

National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Frisco Bar Association




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  • Assaults
  • Domestic Violence
  • DWI / DUI
  • Intoxication Manslaughter
  • Drug Charges
  • Property Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Murder
  • Expunge Records
  • Sentencing & Appeals

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“I just wanted to extend another ‘thank you’ to you for all your hard work.  Your efforts and energies on my behalf made a huge difference on the outcome of my case.  I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and my family.”

“Dawn, I want to thank you for the time, effort, and work you obviously spent on Jacob’s case. He has made some mistakes but I never felt he was guilty on either of these charges. I feel that every cent was well spent and you came through, we are sooo relieved.”

“I am convinced that God put you in our path.  We can’t thank you enough for what you did for our son.”

“Thanks Dawn, I appreciate your guidance and steady hand.  I always have found you to be a huge blessing in all of this mess, please know that from my heart.”

“We so appreciated your extra effort and thoughtfulness. You are not only rare among your profession, but rare among people in general. This character quality is a valuable asset to you personally as well as professionally. Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season, you will reap your reward.”

“I want to tell you that I really appreciate your candor in explaining my options regarding this Case without including a lot of the legal mumbo jumbo (don’t take that the wrong way…you went to law school and I went to computer school). I feel that other attorneys might have advised me to go to trial with this case so that they could earn extra revenue – you did not do that and that is one of the many reasons I have the utmost respect for you.”

Dawn Hedlund represented me at a very scary time in my life. I was being charged with a DWI. Up until that point, I had never had any run-ins with law enforcement and my working knowledge of the law and legal process was subpar at best and I was incredibly fortunate to have Ms. Hedlund. As far as first time experiences go, I could not have asked for a better one. After my arrest, I was in limbo. Hung over my head was a cloud of uncertainty that would remain from the initial arrest date until the final resolution (which Dawn won). While the situation was scary, Ms. Hedlund was there every step of the way, always able to articulately explain the entire process to keep me informed and always ready to answer any questions I had (and I had many, adding “most patient person ever” to her list of accolades.) Ms. Hedlund is a true master at her craft, professional and passionate; respectful and caring. It is clear Ms. Hedlund knows the legal process inside and out and always her client’s best interests in mind. The decision to go to trial was mine to make and a difficult one. I was extremely fortunate to have Ms. Hedlund go through all the facts for me to make an educated decision and even further fortunate to have her as representation during the trial. I can’t think of any other situation where I was as nervous as those two days in trial. Dawn fought hard those two days and it was admirable to watch someone performing with such mastery. Her mastery put my fears at ease. It was a lot like jumping out of a plane for the first time while strapped in with the flight instructor, I was terrified but at the same time confident I would make through because there was someone on my side with a lot more knowledge than I had. Ideally, I hope to never require legal services in the future, but if I ever did or needed to recommend one to anyone I know, I would highly recommend Ms. Hedlund. Ms. Hedlund’s fine understanding of law, professionalism, courtesy to her clients, combined with her knowledge of the ins and outs of the Collin County Court System are the reasons I strongly recommend Dawn Hedlund.